Timo Savola


Follow-up to Ninchat talk at Reaktor Dev Day

I just finished talking about the backend architecture of Ninchat, and noticed that some of the questions asked in the Dev Day's questions-for-the-speakers chat didn't make the cut, so I'll answer some of them here.

[Droptable-magician] Is there any IRC integration / gateways?

Work in progress (and highly experimental): https://github.com/ninchat/ninchat-python/tree/master/ninchat/ircd

[Droptable-cloaker] also, what is this colored ball next to the message bar?

I think it's a connection latency indicator.

[Startup-superstar] Should this channel appear in the Ninchat channel search ?

Yes, it's called "REAKTORDD Sali1."

[Bigdata-ninja] how about Erlang for connection servers?

It would probably be a perfect fit; no reason not to use it, but you have to choose one.

[Scrum-meisseli] Why C++ and not C?
[Scrum-meisseli] Ah, RAII, right?

Yes, and smart pointer templates in particular.

[Core-superstar] protocol buffers vs thrift?

Extending the original answer: While Thift supports RPC in addition to data serialization, we don't have use for its simple request-response RPC model.