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Go programming language

Go code snippets2022-10-22
Go trick: obscure embedded field2019-11-23
Multiplatform support via unified Go codebase2019-05-07
Sneaky Go interface conversion2019-03-17
Go driver plugins2019-02-10
Adding methods to Go interfaces2018-10-12
Context cancellation acknowledgement2017-09-06
Context package2017-01-18

Portable execution state

Gate project 🎥2020-02-01
Introduction to Gate2019-12-05
Concrete Python on Native Client2012-02-03
Concrete Android2011-02-21
Concrete Python2011-01-28


Stable build environment using Docker2015-01-30
Heterogeneous backend architecture at Ninchat2013-10-04
Open Source Development2006-03-24
Cross-Compiling Debian from Scratch2005-07-17
Scratchbox: Cross-compiling a Linux distribution2005-02-27